Social network «Odnoklassniki» has redesigned the music section

Социальная сеть «Одноклассники» провела редизайн музыкального раздела

One of the largest social networks «Classmates» updated the music section on all its platforms. Among the innovations — new design, dark theme and an improved recommendation algorithm.

According to the representative of the social network, users will be offered only that music which they like. Using algorithms, the platform learned to distinguish the tracks not only by genre but also by the length, quality and volume.

When testing this feature, users are 10 times more likely to add to his tracks from recommendations. Increased and the share of listens this kind of music — three times.

Социальная сеть «Одноклассники» провела редизайн музыкального раздела1

Социальная сеть «Одноклассники» провела редизайн музыкального раздела2

In addition, in the «Classmates» appeared musical the feed in the web version of the site. It works on the same principle as in «Vkontakte» — in section shows the new composition of the artist, which is signed by the user and also tracks that friends recently listened to.

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