Concept 14 iOS with new icons, a window of the incoming call and Split View

YouTube-channel 34, the Hacker has published a video with iOS concept 14 — the next version of Apple’s operating system designed for smartphones iPhone.

Video commercials, Apple talks about the major innovations that might appear in iOS 14. Icons for all standard applications repainted, and the window of the incoming call does not occupy the entire screen, and is in the format of the card at the top with buttons-making, clearing of the call, and a quick response message.

Portrayed and Split View, now available only on the iPad. It is assumed that the opening of second screen apps will need to open the Dock, swipe, and from there drag the application in the main space. Between open applications available drag content.

iOS 14 will be able to save profiles for multiple users, and built-in keyboard will learn to look on the web for GIF quick send to your chat partner. The owner will be able to set default apps for actions (e.g., replace Safari with another browser) and also place icons on the home screen in any order, including blank space.

IOS 13 was held on 19 September 2019. OS available for the iPhone 6s and newer.

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