Bill gates explained why Windows Mobile failed

Билл Гейтс рассказал, почему Windows Mobile провалилась

Microsoft founder bill gates was accused of an antitrust investigation by the U.S. justice Department that the user does not use the Windows Mobile operating system. About this businessman said at a DealBook conference, organized by the newspaper The New York Times.

There is no doubt that an antitrust claim only worsened the situation, Microsoft. Without him we would be focused on creating the operating system for smartphones, and today you would use Windows Mobile instead of Android.

Gates admitted that «too distracted» to protect the rights of Microsoft, while Android has become popular throughout the world: «We were so close, and I got distracted». «Right now, nobody knows about Windows Mobile, but Oh well. Several hundred billion here or there,» he explained.

The former leader also commented on the missed opportunity for Microsoft to partner with Motorola to create a smartphone based on Windows Mobile. What about the devices in question are unknown. However, in 2009 the American brand has released a line of smartphones DROID with the Android shell, which became popular, explains the Verge.

In 1994, the U.S. justice Department entered into an agreement with Microsoft under which she was forbidden to use its dominant position in the operating system market and put pressure on third party developers.

This is not the first case when gates expressed his disappointment at the fact that Microsoft’s mobile ambitions didn’t materialize. Earlier in June, the entrepreneur admitted that the Windows Phone operating system — «stillborn», so its design had to be abandoned.

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