Nomad Base Station Pro: the working alternative to AirPower

The Nomad company specializing in accessories for Android, introduced the device, which may be analogous cancelled AirPower. Charging station Base Station Pro is capable of charging three devices — two iPhone and headphones AirPods on your body.

«Mat» supports wireless technology Qi, and the maximum charging power of each device is 5 watts — it means to fast-charge Apple, even if it is supported by gadgets that will not work. Power comes from a 27-watt power adapter USB Type-C.

Nomad has partnered with the brand Aira, who is engaged in wireless charging technology FreePower. It allows you to locate devices that need to charge. The technology works across the surface of the tablet and regardless of the position of the smartphone or case for the headphones.

Nomad Base Station Pro: работающая альтернатива AirPower0

Nomad Base Station Pro: работающая альтернатива AirPower1

Nomad Base Station Pro: работающая альтернатива AirPower2

Design Base Station Pro is made in the same spirit as all wireless chargers company — aluminum body with special leather trim. The weight of «Mat» — 544 grams. Package includes charger and cable length of two meters.

Base Station Pro does not support the Apple Watch, as Apple still uses its own charging standard for their wearable devices.

According to the manufacturer, charging station should be available «soon», however price information is not yet available. Examples of devices can be viewed on the official website Nomad.

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