In Instagram for iOS has added a night theme

В Instagram для iOS добавили ночную тему

After almost three weeks after the release of iOS 13, Instagram for iOS has finally added dark mode. New topic fits the overall standard of the color gamut iOS 13.

This means that the application will automatically switch in dark and normal mode, depending on what theme you have chosen. To get the latest version of Instagram, go to the app itself in the App Store and click update.

В Instagram для iOS добавили ночную тему1

В Instagram для iOS добавили ночную тему2

В Instagram для iOS добавили ночную тему3

Since the end of September some of the users of the application Instagram on Android 9 and 10 also activated the dark theme. Switch in the settings, but only on a limited number of devices.

Unlike Instagram, the social network Facebook has still not got the dark theme. Users expect it within the next two weeks.

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