Haval F7 — it’s like Xiaomi, only the car

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль

Guys, Yes we are surprised when Haval invited us on a short sortie to test drive a new car F7 to Kazan. Well, where is our portal, where cars. And then thought about it and decided: why not.

Modern car gadgets full of active. Plus Haval brand on the Russian market its new, Chinese and, more importantly (as it turned out later), able to surprise. Not in theory, but in practice, on the ground.

When the market of smartphones has long been associate the word China with the «quality, performance, and availability» here in China cars still these words are not synonymous, there are still outdated stereotypes about low quality products. If you read the article until the end, I hope you will understand why I called Haval analogue Xiaomi, only on the car market. In General, under good circumstances, the fate of the brand may be similar to the same Xiaomi — the potential is there.

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль1

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль2

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль3

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль4

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль5

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль6

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль7

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль8

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль9

And immediately interesting point. Brand Haval is read not as [Hawa] and especially not [Hawa]. The correct pronunciation is [Havel]. That’s already the first intersection with Xiaomi, don’t you think? Although I think the manufacturer will be easier to accept by the Russian transcription in the format of «how to read — and pronounced». To retrain our consumer is almost impossible, the well-known fact.

What else can boast a Chinese manufacturer of the car? Well, for example, own factory with stamping and welding, a high initial degree of localization, about 30%. Plus a large number of dealers around the country (more than fifty, with the promise of active growth, up to 80 in the next year), so service shouldn’t be a problem.

Haval F7 is positioned in the SUV segment car (crossover), and aimed mainly at a young audience who prefer more technological solutions and modern bright, slightly aggressive design. Plus the high ground clearance (190 mm) and, as it turned out, in practice, the basic skills off road that may be useful to the average Russian not only when traveling to the country, but also for fishing, to ride through the field and mud, the product also is fine.

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль10

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль11

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль12

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль13

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль14

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль15

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль16

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль17

By the way, about the country and bags of potatoes. From Haval F7 really roomy and large trunk, fold in floor rear seats give the maximum available space in 1443 L. In the cabin a lot of extra boxes and niches for small things.

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль18

Galvanized body, headlights and taillights in the maximum configuration, as we had, led light (including lights), and the dynamic 6-coal grille makes the car’s silhouette is more expressive and noticeable.

Hexagons 192, the purchase count, suddenly do not report. The side of the car has a dynamic uplink. In General, the design of a classic Chinese story. Gathered all the little and get something different. Someone will see here the Volvo, somebody Jaguar, write the review on which car in your opinion similar Haval F7?

There is also a panoramic roof with a large sunroof, enamelware electric shutter. The manufacturer certifies that the roof can be closed at speeds over 120 km/h, and even in the rain.

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль19

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль20

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль21

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль22

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль23

Which immensely pleased the Chinese crossover is the interior. First, space in the cabin very much. I despite its considerable 186 cm in height, as a passenger in the front seat can comfortably stretch my legs, and sitting behind me is another passenger in the back will also be comfortable and not cramped. The options available are two types of upholstery — fabric and leather (in our test was the second option). Thanks to the large wheelbase, lots of room, and center back no protruding parts, so that you can with absolute comfort to go and three.

The dashboard has a display diagonal of 9 inches with HD resolution, extremely bright, well readable even in Sunny weather. There is also Bluetooth 4.0, six speakers, support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. But the built-in navigation no.

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль24

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль25

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль26

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль27

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль28

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль29

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль30

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль31

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль32

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль33

Going further, the volume of the engine is available in two variations: 1499 1967 and cubes, with a capacity of 150 or 190 horses. In the first case, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is promised in 11 seconds, and the second at 9. We testdriver maximum configuration and in fact in 10 seconds with acceleration met without problems. In the combined cycle car consumes 8-9 liters of fuel. To eat the machine prefers the 95th.

7DCT gearbox — 7-speed, dual-clutch wet-type, efficiency is in the region of 95%, the switching speed of 225 MS. Haval chassis F7 is sporty, and the front suspension-independent type McPherson, rear-independent suspension with two levers. Intelligent all-wheel drive is implemented through an electromagnetic multiplate clutch NexTrac. By default, torque is applied to the front axle, and in any situation where you may need four-wheel drive system instantly transferring torque to the rear axle. So the car is always four-wheel drive when driving conditions so require.

Selection system traffic Terrain Response allows you to switch freely between different driving modes to achieve the best grip under all conditions, optimizes engine, gearbox and ESP. There are six modes in the maximum configuration: Normal, Mud Sport, Sand, Economical, and Snow. The shift lever is electronic, in a stylish, are not fixed joystick that borrowed from more premium cars. To use very conveniently.

In our maximum configuration was available as option the camera system of the circular review in 360 degrees. The picture with the camera is quite low quality, is to admit it. But for our purposes sufficient to Park helps showing the positioning of the vehicle relative to the obstacles on the biggest display on the dashboard.

And what about security? Interior full rollcage, 64% of steel, in the presence of six airbags, belt tensioners from Autoliv, is and ERA-GLONASS, of course. Haval F7 took five stars in C-NCAP.

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль34

Another nice thing is the adaptive cruise control from BOSCH. Checked during the test drive, everything works fine. Supports both speed and safe distance in front of the car. There is a system warning of a possible collision when moving forward with the automatic braking function. The alert has two levels: warning at speeds over 65 km/h emergency, if the speed exceeds 30 km/h When idle driver to avoid the collision signal on the stop — system controls the braking at speeds below 40 km/h Also in the presence of the help system during the descent and hill-start assist on the rise.

List the options available in the configuration Comfort, it is also a basic minimum. Is: halogen headlights, led foglights with cornering light function, led rear lights, roof rails, seat trim cloth, leather steering wheel, four-selection mode of motion, single-zone automatic climate control, cruise control, EPB, Autohold, rear Parking sensors, heated front seats, steering wheel heated, driver seat with manual adjustable in six directions, and passengers in four directions, a Keyless entry system, multimedia with 9” screen, support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, four airbags, ESP, TCS, RMI, BA, HHC, HDC, TMPS, alloy wheels 17 inches. The question price — 1 449 000 rubles.

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль35

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль36

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль37

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль38

Co-pay for Haval F7 70 000 to picking Elite and get to the above: the shutter in the trunk, the six directions adjustment of driver seat (electric), heated rear seats, rear view camera with dynamic markings, rearview mirror with automatic dimming.

And if you add another 120 000, for the above-described two trim levels are added: led headlights, panoramic roof with sunroof, seats trimmed in faux leather, side sensors with electricladyland, front Parking sensors, the system of selecting the driving mode with six options, rear spoiler, curtain airbags, adaptive cruise control, FCW, AEB, system cameras 360 degree, light-alloy wheels 19 inch.

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль39

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль40

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль41

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль42

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль43

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль44

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль45

And here it would seem that the price is not the most affordable. Why Haval F7, asking for half a million? For so many, because at this price there are a lot of other options to choose from.

As ridiculous as may sound, in my opinion, just ask for markedly increased the quality of workmanship and attention to many details which in the Chinese automotive industry was not noticeable before. Yes, still not all perfect, don’t believe — see the review of this car from the same Academician. But it is not all hopeless!

And, in contrast to the same Academician, we are not afraid to test off-road for Haval F7 on a special test site in Kazan, where the climbs and descents were 18-22%. And to the lives of producers do not seem to honey, in the day of testing was still quite strong and prolonged rain, causing the road and the UPS has turned into a real mess of slippery clay. To be honest, on such rises on his feet to climb was hard — you just slipped down. But the price killed the sneaker we’ve filmed a few videos as Haval F7 overcomes the climbs.

It is worth noting that the video angle is quite difficult to see, it looks like the slide is quite small — it’s just an optical illusion. Climbs were really steep and very slippery.

Here are a few short clips from climbs, including one video from the salon. Filmed on a smartphone.

The races were held on regular highway tires, specially photographed this moment. And behind the wheel was autoblogger and journalists, not instructors or representatives of the manufacturer. And remember I talked about the attention to detail? What’s great is that it is well protected nut the passengers and driver, even taking a serious mud bath, get out of Haval F7 you can safely, without dirtying pants or jeans. It seems such a small thing, but for some reason often not thought through even in much more expensive crossovers.

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль46

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль47

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль48

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль49

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль50

Haval in off-road F7 proved excellent, what surprised many. He easily got out of double-deep pit with a puddle, where it seemed that everyone sat on the belly and hopelessly, «well now we are going to push and take a mud bath» (third photo in gallery above). He climbed the steep climbs. And down with them without any adventures.

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль51

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль52

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль53

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль54

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль55

And what about everyday use? Smooth operation, no excess noise in the cabin (although the ideal of peace here, of course, cannot be expected), starts from the place neat and again smooth, no jerks when shifting at low speeds is not as such.

The brakes are also no claims have arisen. Slowing reliable and stable. Even when riding off-road body no squeaks, nothing rattles. If briefly to characterize the level of riding very comfortable. And not just for the driver but for passengers, because of the huge and spacious salon. On a journey to go on this car is simply high. And the question is only in ultimate reliability.

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль56

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль57

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль58

Haval F7 while the novelty, and reviews on long trips and long life on it yet, we get them, I think, in a year. And then, when a sore will come out, it will be possible to finally judge how successful this crossover. But the first impressions are the car is only positive. Especially in luxurious blue body colour (there are white and black liveries, but they are boring). And I want to believe that the Chinese and on the market of cars occupy a niche not only in the ultrabudgetary solutions with low quality, but in the middle class.

Competitors from Haval F7 are a lot of cars. Called examples such as Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage and Mazda CX-5, Mitsubishi Outlander, Nissan X-Trail and others. Who would you have added for comparison with the Haval F7? Write in the comments!

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль59

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль60

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль61

Haval F7 — он как Xiaomi, только автомобиль62

P. S. While were on the test drive in Innopolis near Kazan, met not only unmanned vehicles from the «Yandex» that actively go on the scientific town, but found even unmanned KAMAZ! And that’s serious.


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