Google requires the application of «Digital prosperity» in all Android smartphones

Google требует внедрения приложения «Цифровое благополучие» во все Android-смартфоны

Google has updated the Google Mobile Services agreement, under which manufacturers get access to the application package of the Corporation. Now all the smartphones that get updated to Android Android 9, or 10, or go on sale after September 3, 2019, must include the application of «Digital prosperity».

Also, manufacturers can create their own applications for tracking device usage. In this case, the development should include a dashboard with the following minimum indicators: the total time on screen, the number of unlocks the device, the number of notifications received.

In addition, from 2020, manufacturers are obliged to display the inscription is Powered by Android with the new branding on the boot screen of their smartphones. The requirement to indicate the affiliation to the operating system appeared in 2014, is now talking about a new corporate logo and font.

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