Canadian network revealed the characteristics of the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

The official website of the canadian branch of the network of online stores Best Buy has published 12 Oct information about the new smartphone Google, and then immediately removed it. Enthusiasts from 9to5Google managed to get acquainted with the contents of the page, which reveals the basic characteristics of the line Pixel 4. In a […]

The history of the most popular mobile platforms in one video

The author of the Data channel is Beautiful on YouTube publishes animated infographic, which compares the popularity of different: from games to superheroes. One of the last videos on the channel enthusiast gives an idea about how 1992 changed the market of mobile operating systems and which platforms are the most popular right now. In […]

Updates apps of the week. 7-13 Oct

For almost the past week is no different notable app updates. But, as has become customary, several applications has got the support of dark themes, yet a number have learned to follow the system settings. Google Tasks 1.7 for Android Task Manager, Google Tasks continues to evolve: now the version for Android supports the dark […]

Telegram may postpone the start of the blockchain because of the decision of the American court

Command Telegram commented on the situation with a temporary ban on the sale of cryptocurrencies Gram, which put the U.S. government. It is reported by The Bell, having read the letter to investors: it was sent out a day after the news about the court decision. In the letter, the Telegram tried to establish contact […]

Patch AliExpress will help to turn an old smartphone into iPhone 11 Pro for $ 3

On AliExpress there are lots of massively offering overlays on camera iPhone X, XR, XS, and XS Max. They imitate the design of a triple camera iPhone 11 Pro. Most sellers two options: average overlay cost about 200 rubles, and also a variant with a matte cover case made of silicone, which hides the glossy […]

Project Pegasus can bring 10X the capabilities of Windows for traditional PCs

Windows Central reports that Microsoft is working on a project with the code name Pegasus, which extends the scope of 10X Windows on traditional computers. Windows 10X presented in early October on Surface Event as an operating system for devices with a folding screen. The first winner of the platform was the Neo Surface. Windows […]

Nomad Base Station Pro: the working alternative to AirPower

The Nomad company specializing in accessories for Android, introduced the device, which may be analogous cancelled AirPower. Charging station Base Station Pro is capable of charging three devices — two iPhone and headphones AirPods on your body. «Mat» supports wireless technology Qi, and the maximum charging power of each device is 5 watts — it […]

DxOMark praised the camera Redmi K20 Pro level with Google Pixel 3

Resource DxOMark made a rating of the rear camera of the smartphone Redmi K20 Pro. The flagship of the Chinese manufacturer located in ranking between Google Pixel iPhone 3 and XR with an overall score of 102 points. Photo smartphone got 108 points: the experts called DxOMark camera high performance in all tests with no […]

The US government has suspended the sale of cryptocurrency Telegram

District court in Manhattan imposed a temporary ban on the sale of cryptocurrencies Gram in relation to the Telegram Group Inc and TON Issuer Inc. The plaintiff, a Commission at the securities and exchange Commission (SEC). The lawsuit States that the defendants sold approximately 2.9 billion tokens Gram 171 investor, including 39 U.S. buyers. This […]

Rozetked Weekly: release date PS5, unusual smartphone Essential and boorish Robocop

This week is full of «iron» announcements: PlayStation 5, fancy smartphone Essential, the new flagship OnePlus. However, we start with the sad news. Died Alexei Leonov On the 85th year of his life in the Moscow hospital named after Burdenko died Alexei Leonov — the first man in history to enter the open space. October […]