Tele2 resumed the connection of subscribers on technology of eSIM

Tele2 возобновил подключение абонентов по технологии eSIM

The Ministry of communications allowed the operator Tele2 to continue the experiment according to the eSIM results. About it the Deputy Minister of communication Oleg Ivanov told «Vedomosti».

According to the source, the operator decided the security issues of the application of the eSIM. One of the sources confirmed that Tele2 already has resumed issuing the embedded SIM cards in several Moscow stores.

Tele2 started the experiment on registration of embedded maps 29 April 2019. Then transition it was necessary to have a physical card which has stopped working after connecting the eSIM.

14 may, at the request of the Ministry of communications, the experiment was suspended due to issues related to security. Tele2 said that he had gained a sufficient base of customers for testing.

On 4 September it became known that the Ministry of communications of the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) and the FSB to January 2020 needs to consider the legalization of eSIM in the Russian Federation. Approaches to the regulation of technology should be available before the end of 2019.

Security device manufacturers with eSIM, including Apple and Google, have offered to oblige place in Russia servers for subscriber profiles and encryption keys.

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