Premieres and trailers of the week. 9-13 September

Премьеры и трейлеры недели. 9-13 сентября

After a week break we are back with our regular column collections Premier news and trailers! Even if you don’t have time to get bored, we still tell.

Premiere week

  • «The goldfinch». The film tells about a young Theodore Decker, whose mother was killed during the terrorist attack at the Metropolitan Museum. Grown guy enjoys the underground world of art. The film took Elgort Ansel, Finn Wolfhard, Sarah Paulson, Luke Wilson, Jeffrey Wright and Nicole Kidman.
  • «Strippers». Comedy with Jennifer Lopez in the title role. Accumulation strippers elite club overnight devalued after the next crisis. The girls are in order to not become revenge.
  • The I-Land, first season. A new series from Netflix. Ten strangers Wake up on the island. They don’t remember anything about yourself, but know what they need to survive and get off the island.
  • «Marianne», the first season. Another premiere Netflix. The girl Lizzy was suffering from visions in which she was a witch named Marianne. With age, the fears have been overcome, moving to the pages of novels. But as long as Lizzie’s not back to his hometown.
  • Cancel the first season. And this is the premiere of Amazon Prime. The girl gets into an accident, and then gets the ability to see the deceased father and to travel in time.

News of the film industry

Dutch division streaming service Netflix has unwittingly shared the release date of the upcoming series «the Witcher». The premiere will take place on 17 December 2019.

And this news will not please those who do not like remakes. The Paramount Studio began work on the remake of the movie «Without a face». The script will take the writer of the movie «Macho and nerdy 2» and «sonic movie». The original film was released in 1997, starring took John Travolta and Nicolas cage.

Marvel studios offers a major role in the series «Hawkeye,» the star of the movie «Bumblebee» Haley Steinfeld. If she agrees, she will play Kate Bishop — a successor of Clint Barton. His role will return of Jeremy Renner. The series is expected to Disney+ fall 2021-th.

Disney stirs interest to the second part of the film «Maleficent». In the new video captures the process of turning Angelina Jolie into the main character.

HBO has announced plans to order the prequel to «Game of thrones» about the reign of house Targaryen. The series will be based on the book by George R. R. Martin’s «fire and blood». The events 300 years before «Game of thrones». This is one of the five prequels planned out.

Was released on YouTube a video dedicated to the movie «home Alone». The authors of the movie presented what would have happened if the movie was rated R.

Trailers of the week

«Doctor Sleep»

The final trailer for the film adaptation of the Stephen king book. After experiencing a nightmare at the hotel «the overlook» grown-up psychic Danny TORRANCE drinks a lot and tries to forget the past. Until then, while it has not drawn a gifted girl with a request of protection from hunters like them. In the cinema from 7 November.


The film tells about the battle the American army against the Japanese at midway in the Pacific during the Second world war. This event was a turning point. The premiere will take place on 28 November.

«See», first season

In the autumn the presentation, Apple introduced not only iron gadgets, but the first poster series «to See» Jason and Momoa in the title role. In the story, all of mankind became blind after the epidemic. But once children are born, which everyone can see. The first three of the series will be available exclusively at Apple TV+ 1 Nov.

«Modern love», first season

Series about will tell about different couples and their relationship. The show’s rich cast: Anne Hathaway, Dev Patel, Sofia Boutella, Olivia Cooke, Tina fey, Catherine keener and Andrew Scott. Premiere 18 Oct.

«In search of Alaska», first season

The story of sixteen year old miles Halter, who goes to a new school, CULVER Creek in search of the «Great «Perhaps»». There he meets a girl named Alaska Yang, which changes his life and disappears. It makes you think about him matters of life and death. Premiere on Hulu on October 18.

«Dublin murders», the first season

Series based on the book series «Dublin murder squad» of Tana French. Two detectives will investigate a series of mysterious murders in Dublin. Premiere on the Starz channel on 10 November.

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