McDonald’s acquired a startup Apprente robotics «Makavto»

McDonald's приобрела стартап Apprente для роботизации «МакАвто»

The world’s largest fast-food chain McDonald’s has acquired a promising startup from Apprente that specializiruetsya on artificial intelligence technologies.

Developments Apprente order to recognize human speech and respond to certain actions. This means that the process of adoption and order picking can be efficiently automated and live cashiers can gradually leave in the past. According to the Corporation, they expect that the processing of orders by type «out of the car» (drive-thru) will be «faster, easier and more accurate.» Testing in some American branches of the «drive-thru» has already started.

In addition, the company is not going to dwell on this and vengeance strengthens its position in Silicon valley. McD Tech Labs, for example, has long been actively recruiting programmers, data scientists and technical experts.

This is not the first attempt by McDonald’s to automate their restaurants. In the past, the network was experimenting with software solutions for voice processing and robot fryers.

While it remains unclear how this development can affect global level of unemployment, because in the mill McDonald’s employs about 1.8 million workers worldwide.

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