IKEA has launched a 336-hour Ship stream The Sleep for people with insomnia

IKEA запустила 336-часовой стрим The Sleep Ship для людей с бессонницей

The Australian division of the Swedish furniture manufacturer IKEA has launched a YouTube live stream of The Sleep Ship in the Slow TV format, designed for 336 hours.

The main task is to help people with sleep disorders. The clock on the stream live broadcasts soothing video of how the employees of the Corporation transported the goods across the ship to the shores of Australia. Only possible to observe swimming with four perspectives: feed the bridge, engine room or the bow. The effect of relaxation contributes to the sound of the ocean and the background classical music.

The journey will take about two weeks to September 26. Then the goods will be in warehouse. The leading couple — Sarah and Kent Eriksson — parallel comment on the picture, reading the text from the pages of corporate catalogs for 2020.

This is not the first attempt by IKEA to help people with relaxation. This spring, the Swedes began to produce «Sleepy podcast» (Sleep) in which the same leading 35 minutes, say out loud the names of branded products.

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