CPU A13 Bionic — the next revolution from Apple?

Процессор A13 Bionic — очередная революция от Apple?

Autumn presentation this year, Apple held under the slogan «innovations». Special attention at the event kupertinovtsy paid to the next-generation processor A13 Bionic.

Apple boldly claim is the world’s fastest chipset for smartphones, so doubt its improved performance and energy efficiency not worth. Is it really so? Let’s deal.

Can boast a new processor?

Initially, the presentation was shown vague comparative graphs from which we can conclude that the top-end Snapdragon processor Kirin 855 and 980 performance significantly behind A13 Bionic.

This fact underpinned the impressive performance: energy efficiency A13 Bionic has increased to 40% compared to the previous generation chipset, while the CPU performance has increased by 20% in all directions.

Процессор A13 Bionic — очередная революция от Apple?1
A comparison of the performance of current processors

Go through dry facts. New A13 Bionic is performed by the standard to 2019 7-nanometer process technology second generation. The chipset includes a record 8.5 billion transistors — it increases the capabilities of a smartphone in the speed of applications, constructing machine learning algorithms and graphics processing. For comparison, A12 Bionic comprises a total of 6.9 billion transistors.

Confirmed information about the frequency of the processor at the moment, so you should wait for the release of the new iPhone. Probably, the chipset operates at a frequency of 2.65 GHz is 6% more than last year’s processor.

A13 Bionic includes the following components:

  • Two cores of high performance: they are necessary for running complex computational tasks. Compared to A12 and their speed increased by 20% and energy consumption decreased 30%.
  • Four processing cores that are needed for everyday tasks and four graphics core, support engine Metal 2, which speeds up graphics processing. Both of the chip operate at 20% faster and consume energy 40% less.
  • 8-core system Neural Engine: the neuroprocessor needed to work with machine learning. His performance increased by 20%, while energy consumption decreased by 15%.

Процессор A13 Bionic — очередная революция от Apple?2
The location of the components A13 Bionic

In the single-core Geekbench test with a fresh iPhone 4 A13 Bionic aboard gaining 5 472 points, and in multi-core — 13 769. The new processor is ahead for indices top Snapdragon 855: in the fourth version of the benchmark running on its database for Xiaomi Mi 3 9 gaining about 500 points in single core test 11 and 170 — in multi-core.

Geekbench iPhone 5 new on A13 Bionic 3394 1324 and gaining points, respectively. For comparison, the figures from last year’s iPhone XS in this version of the benchmark are scarce: 1103 and 2824 points.

Процессор A13 Bionic — очередная революция от Apple?3
Geekbench 4
Процессор A13 Bionic — очередная революция от Apple?4
Geekbench 5

The numbers are impressive, but whether, in practice, significant productivity gains in the new iPhone compared to previous models? The answer is obvious — in daily use significant differences in speed will not.

However, at the presentation we were shown a 3D game Pascal»s Wager as a demonstration of the superior power of the new processor under load intense graphics and complex effects.

A13 Bionic is a leader in the field of machine learning

The main focus in the development of the new processor Apple has done not only on performance but also on the ability to work closely with machine learning. In the company assure — A13 Bionic is the best platform ever used in smartphones machine learning. All this thanks to a new 8-core neuroprocessor Neural Engine, which now runs 20% faster and consume 15% less energy.

In addition, Apple has introduced a so-called boosters, which technically are referred to as AMX units. They are focused on the key tasks of machine learning — thanks to the boosters matrix multiplication was six times faster compared to the processor.

Процессор A13 Bionic — очередная революция от Apple?5
The location of the accelerators of machine learning

As Apple claims, in machine learning tasks performance A13 Bionic allows it to carry up to one trillion operations per second. Immediately imposed indelicate question — and in some cases you can take advantage of these opportunities?

Machine learning is used in the cameras of the new iPhone-image-processing — speed processor enables the smartphone to shoot 4K videos at 60 fps when running HDR. The neuroprocessor can instantly change, for example, lighting for a person in the foreground while reducing the picture noise and improving the quality of the sky.

Процессор A13 Bionic — очередная революция от Apple?6

A special role plays the updated framework for working with machine-learning techniques Core ML 3. It facilitates the integration of machine learning into applications, and allows developers using «a few lines of code» to implement functions using neural networks: for example, face recognition or real-time images, the definition of music, voice identification and so on.

The whole system works in conjunction with the controller of machine learning, which automatically distributes tasks between the neuroprocessor, the Central and graphics chips developers don’t need to decide what processor to use for processing a particular model of machine learning.

A13 Bionic delivers phenomenal autonomy

Talk a little bit about energy efficiency. In A13 Bionic, it had increased to 40% compared to a chipset of the previous generation, so the battery in the iPhone 11 will be enough for a whole extra hour compared to the iPhone XR, and the duration of battery life in the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max increased by four and five hours, respectively, compared with the performance of last year’s flagship Apple.

Процессор A13 Bionic — очередная революция от Apple?7

For increased autonomy affects not only the use of advanced 7-nanometer technology, but also the two following points:

  1. Optimization of the architecture and method of using four cores needed for everyday tasks.
  2. Disabling processor power of the constituent parts of the chip at the time, when not in use.

Is the new A13 Bionic revolutionized?

Every year Apple is positioning its new processors as the most powerful in the world. As part of the chipset this year any radical changes cupertinos, unfortunately, is not shown. Still new iPhone will certainly be a step more productive smartphones of other companies and the only thing that will be extremely noticeable to every user — increased autonomy of smartphones.

Will the new iPhone hold a charge corresponding to the statements Apple, will be known very soon. Perhaps if last year’s iPhone, the user conventionally worked without recharging before lunch, the new model will be able to stretch at least until the early evening.

This year the company has modified its products and technologies — this includes not only the CPU but also the iPhone. The word «innovation» comes to the new CPU only in the direction of machine learning — Apple really did a good job on that A13 Bionic opened nepahannoe a field of possibilities for developers in the field of artificial intelligence. Nevertheless, more vivid and mind-blowing chipset the company will show in the next year — then we will see brand new iPhone.

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