Bloggers sold store semi-finished products under the guise of an Italian restaurant through the delivery

Блогеры продавали магазинные полуфабрикаты под видом итальянского ресторана через доставку

Two resourceful British blogger has shown how to open a restaurant with delivery, with nothing but a microwave oven and pieces from the supermarket. On the YouTube channel with 1 million subscribers, young people posted a videoin which he told about the opening of Italian restaurant Italian Stallion in his own apartment.

First, they managed to register the IP from local authorities. After that, they signed a contract for cooperation in the local equivalent of «Yandex.Food» Deliveroo despite the lack of some documents, including a health book. In social networks, they clocked the Italian Stallion subscribers, and Deliveroo — a lot of positive reviews with your own photos.

From Deliveroo, they got a tablet for processing orders, checking apparatus and bags for packing food. The menu includes dishes from the supermarket — frozen foods and store-bought pieces that bloggers are a bit modified and embellished with additional ingredients. Thus, the cost is recouped several times, and under the guise of an exclusive Italian pizza hiding a typical defrost.

A major inconvenience was the need to run to the supermarket for food after receiving the order, and then each time to go down to the courier from the upper level flats. For the first day, the British managed to earn about 100 pounds. However, the money they returned to unlucky buyers in the envelope with food and leave an explanatory letter.

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