Apple explained why the iPhone show a warning after you change the batteries in the third-party service

Apple объяснила, почему iPhone показывают предупреждение после смены батареи в стороннем сервисе

An Apple spokesperson told the Verge about the reasons for notification of the owners of iPhone replaced at an authorized service center battery failures. To acknowledge the warning in the system settings of the smartphone noticed the website iFixit.

According to the Manager of Apple, the company wants to make sure that any replacement battery is made properly due to the increased security requirements of its users.

Last year we added a function to notify clients if we are unable to verify that a certified technician installed a new genuine battery. This information is designed to protect our users from damaged, defective or used batteries, which can cause problems with safety or performance.

As assured in the Apple, the display of a notification does not affect the operation of the iPhone and its battery. But users protested that the presence of warning in battery settings not showing the level of degradation of the battery.

The Verge


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