Top custom firmware for OnePlus 7 Pro

Топ кастомных прошивок для OnePlus 7 Pro

One of the main advantages of smartphones OnePlus is often called its shell, OxygenOS, which is not far removed in design and performance from stock Android, with has useful functions and add-ons.

But for advanced users this is sometimes not enough, so they resort to third-party firmware. And here opens another plus OnePlus — hot support free developers that produce a lot of «custom bikes».

Collected in the compilation of the most popular third-party firmware for OnePlus 7 Pro, dividing them into two branches — for those who just want a little to expand the possibilities of OxygenOS, and fans outwardly untouched Android.

Based on OxygenOS

Renovate Ice 4.0

Renovate Ice — no ordinary custom firmware: it is installed as a module Magisk, which simplifies the installation and removal of add-ons.

Among the changes:

  • Customize the appearance of statusbar, quick settings and notifications
  • Improve the Horizon illumination Light and Ambient Display
  • The ability to remap hardware buttons
  • The ability to disable system apps
  • Extended panel volume control etc.

Compatible only with OxygenOS 9.5.9!

Instructions and downloads: XDA Developers

NoLimits 7.5

One of the «polyproline» in the form Magisk module that saves all the updates «over the air» from OnePlus. Integrated equalizers ViPER4Android and Dolby Digital, set the launchers on all occasions, mod «Google Camera», AdAway and service to edit the appearance of the system Substratum.

In the core of the system improvements to system performance. Locked the processes of Google Play services that cause the smartphone to «Wake up» and wasting battery power.

Instructions and downloads: XDA Developers

RomAur 1.4

This is a complete firmware that promises to improve system performance, responsiveness of the display and scrolling, as well as improving the autonomy of the battery. Of the additions: the ability to record conversations, ringtones from Google Pixel, pre-installed Xperia Launcher and the app to remove ads AdAway, customize statusbar and notification bar.

Instructions and downloads: XDA Developers

Based on AOSP

LineageOS 16

The successor of the popular but defunct firmware CyanogenMod is officially not present on the OnePlus 7 Pro, but an enthusiast and forum member XDA under the nickname PeterCxy combined source code and database LineageOS OnePlus.

The informal Assembly offers all the advantages of LineageOS: advanced customization, dark theme across the system, custom built-in applications (equalizer Audio EQ, Jelly browser, calendar) and advanced Manager permissions Privacy Guard.

Топ кастомных прошивок для OnePlus 7 Pro1

Топ кастомных прошивок для OnePlus 7 Pro2

Топ кастомных прошивок для OnePlus 7 Pro3

Stated engine performance front camera, display with a refresh rate of 90 Hz, a fingerprint scanner under the glass (with some visual bugs). Critical issue — not available resolution 48 Megapixel for the primary camera module.

Instructions and downloads: XDA Developers

Havoc OS 2.7

The firmware is trying to be like ACCORDING to Google Pixel, it has a long list of additional features and capabilities, up to adjustment of corners of the display.

Топ кастомных прошивок для OnePlus 7 Pro4

Топ кастомных прошивок для OnePlus 7 Pro5

Топ кастомных прошивок для OnePlus 7 Pro6

Топ кастомных прошивок для OnePlus 7 Pro7

It is known that in some instances OnePlus 7 Pro not working GPS and NFC, all with Wi-Fi Calling.

Instructions and downloads: XDA Developers


AOSiP abbreviation stands for Android Open Source Project illusion. The project focuses on stability and high quality of the assemblies, while introducing additional features.

The developer does not report any problems and bugs of the firmware.

Instructions and downloads: XDA Developers

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