The face of Keanu Reeves in «the Matrix» was replaced by Bruce Lee

On the YouTube channel Ctrl Shift Face publishing excerpts of films in which faces of famous actors replace others with technology DeepFake published a new video!

In a four-minute video shows the fight scene with Neo and Morpheus from the movie «the Matrix». Face Keanu Reeves is replaced by the face of the famous masters of martial arts — Bruce Lee.

Last week Keanu Reeves also was involved in high-profile news about DeepFake. Then the YouTube channel Corridor made a video, where the actor subdues the robber and gives an interview to the fan. The actor’s face was replaced with the face of Keanu.

At the end of last year using technology in the excerpt of the film about Han Solo the actor’s face Alden Ehrenreich was replaced by Harrison Ford.


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