Premieres and trailers of the week. 8-12 July

Премьеры и трейлеры недели. 8-12 июля

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Premiere week

  • «Anna». Luc Besson is desperately trying to restore their poor financial position. A new Thriller about an assassin with a Russian top model starring Sasha Luss. Also in the film took part Helen Mirren, Luke Evans and Cillian Murphy.
  • «The dead don’t die.» Horror Comedy about zombies with the participation of Adam Driver, bill Murray, Chloe sevigny, Tilda Swinton, Steve Buscemi and Selena Gomez. The story of a small provincial American town begin to revive the dead, but residents will have to band together to escape.
  • «Ali, handlebars!». Action Comedy involving Kumala of Nanjiani («Silicon valley») and Dave Batista («Guardians of the galaxy»). Modest Uber driver picks up a passenger who turns out to be a policeman, following the trail of a brutal killer. And now he is involved in this persecution.
  • «At close range». Thriller from Netflix with Anthony Mackie («the First avenger», «real steel») and Frank Grillo («Warrior», «Patrol») in the lead roles. The pregnant wife of a nurse is kidnapped and require a ransom for her. To save her, he goes on the offense and rescues a murder suspect to help him.
  • «Corrupt». Former prisoner Liam (Sam Claflin) tries to make amends to the family, but is at the center of a criminal conspiracy. Now he has to make every effort to get out of it.

News of the film industry

The third season of «strange Affairs» have set a new record for hits in Netflix: the series was watched by 40.7 million subscribers! Waiting for the final season next year.

Other news concerns the spin-off of «the Big Lebowski». Its production will be engaged in John Turturro, who will also return in the role of Jesus. The film will be released in 2020.

Streaming services will soon become the same as TV channels. On this week a new service was presented WarnerMedia. HBO Max will be launched in the spring of 2020, and will get a number of exclusives.

Meanwhile Apple is spending $ 15 million on each episode of «Watch.» This is two times more than invested in HBO «Game of thrones».

Also this week, Gal gadot announced the start of filming of «red notice.» Starring, in addition to the Actresses will play Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds. The premiere is scheduled for fall 2020.

The sad (or not) news about the third part of the movie «Sherlock Holmes» with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude law. A sequel is not guy Ritchie, and Dexter Fletcher, known for the films «Rocketman» and «Eddie the eagle». The premiere is scheduled for December 22, 2021 — 10 years after the release of the second part.

Премьеры и трейлеры недели. 8-12 июля1

In may of this year, Netflix premiered the series «Society», and this week the company announced the extension on the second. This was announced by the actors in the new video.

Continuing the theme of Netflix. Acclaimed Director David Fincher («Fight club», «Seven», «Game») will be removed to service the feature film «Mank». This will be a biographical film about the Herman Mankiewicz, who participated in the creation of the script for one of the classic paintings of the American cinema – «Citizen Kane».

Russian movie premiers. Rambler Group has announced their first production project. It will be the movie «Bender», which tells about the youth of Ostap Bender. Premiere of the first film is scheduled for early 2020.

Trailers of the week


Another screen adaptation of a Disney cartoon. A young girl pretends to be guy to go to war instead of his sick father. She doesn’t know that, thanks to their skills, and become a legend. Fans of the cartoon have noticed that in the trailer no helper Mulan — dragon named Mushu. Apparently, Disney’s emphasis on realism. The premiere will take place on March 25, 2020.

«Maleficent: mistress of the dark»

Another project Disney. The continuation of the story of the dark fairy played by Angelina Jolie. The magical forest is in danger again. In the center of events relationship Malificent and Princess Aurora. In the movie, October 17.

«Dora and the Lost city»

Girl Dora spent her childhood in the jungle and it is not adapted to ordinary life in contemporary society and especially the school. When her parents go missing, she embarks on a quest with his new friends. In the movie premiere will take place on 8 August.

«Ode to joy»

Romantic Comedy with the star of «Deadpool» Moraine of Baccarin and Martin Freeman («Sherlock Holmes», «the Black Panther») in the lead roles. The story tells of a librarian Charlie, who suffers from a rare disease — cataplexia. In a moment of happiness and emotional recovery, he falls into a swoon. So Charlie is forced to avoid weddings, cute kids, adorable cats and dogs and especially people, causing delight. But familiarity with Francesca forces him to conceive about the changes in life. Premiere in cinemas on August 9.

«The heirs», season 2

A series produced by HBO. The story of the children of a wealthy father, owner of the media conglomerate Waystar Royco. The struggle for power, life under the cameras, intrigue and betrayal. The premiere of the first series on 11 August.

«Secret obsession»

Jennifer (Brenda song) comes back to life after injury. Now her life is in danger, and she remembers nothing. The film will be available on Netflix from July 18.

«Another life», season 1

Fantastic drama from Netflix. Astronaut Nico Breckinridge (Katie Sackhoff) along with a team are sent into space to study the origins of a mysterious alien artifact. But their journey will turn into a horror. Premiere July 25.


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