The clients of «Beeline» faced with limited access to services Group

Клиенты «Билайна» столкнулись с ограничением доступа к сервисам Group

In the community of «Beeline» in «Vkontakte» appeared the record reporting technical problems with the Mail.Ru Group. Because of this significantly decreased the speed of access of subscribers to the «Vkontakte», «Classmates», Delivery Club and other services holding company.

In the «Beeline», decided to use for listening to music streaming services competitors «Yandex.Music» «Google Play Music» and others.

After some time Mail.Ru Group on his page in «Vkontakte» said that the disruption associated with problems not Internet companies, and the mobile operator, and also advised to change the provider.

Later Mail.Ru Group explained the situation. «Beeline» has increased the cost of sending SMS to Mail.Ru Group, which are used for user authentication and notification, six times. Because of this, the holding decided to disable direct channel of communication with the «Beeline», so the traffic of subscribers is through the European servers.

In a press-service Mail.Ru Group said that to suspend the dedicated channel, which is created in partnership, it was necessary because of rising costs of billing, and «Beeline» have warned about this in advance. In the «Beeline» has denied the existence of the notice and adjustment of the rates for SMS are affected not only Mail.Ru Group.

The disruptions could affect all 55,3 million users of «Beeline», according to the interpretation of the press services of the companies.



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