Review Samsung Galaxy M20: himself a competitor

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент

From the beginning of this year, you can see active combat in the middle and budget class. Many companies charge abound with a variety of product lines that compete not only with other companies but also among themselves.

That is exactly what happened with the Galaxy M, which directly stands in the way of Galaxy A. the Way a survey on models A30 and A50 we already wrote. And today in our hands M20: can be sure, rulers and smartphones are really different.

Technical specifications Samsung Galaxy M20:

  • Dimensions: 156,4×74,5×8.8 mm, 186 g
  • Display: 6,3″, 1080×2340 (~409 ppi), 19,5:9, PLS
  • CPU: 8-core Samsung Exynos 7904
  • Memory: 3/4 GB of RAM, 32/64 GB
  • Camera: 13 MP, f/1,9 + 5 MP, f/2,2 (main double), 8 MP, f/2.0 (front)
  • Battery: 5000 mAh, fast charging
  • OS: Android 8.1 Oreo, Samsung Experience 9.5
  • Connection: USB Type-C, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, LTE, NFC, FM radio
  • Body colors: black and blue


At first glance it seems that the smartphone is made exactly according to the canons of the modern market. But as dozens of similar devices begin to follow the details.

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент1

In the first place it is noticeable that the frame display is not the most subtle, in addition, there is no curvature of the screen is 2.5 D, meaning it just sticks out from the case and to see that in 2019 unusual.

Next, catches the eye of a keyhole under the front camera. Then he slightly bolshevat. Usually manufacturers make it more rounded, and then all curves are symmetrical. Looks such a wave, for me, not so gracefully. However, in General, the front of the device looks very modern.

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент2

The rest of the smartphone is plastic body which has a false-frame and looks a little duto. But on the back of the device there are no tabs. Dual camera, flash, fingerprint scanner — all recessed into the body, which allows the smartphone lie comfortably in the hand and easy to slide off the table.

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент3

No overflow on the back cover, but there is a gradient dark and light blue dots. By the way, it would be more interesting if it was shiny, but Samsung has decided that the Foundation should be matte, with the effect of varnish.

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент4

Controls and connectors are located very standard. On the left side of the triple tray for two SIM card standard nano and the microSD card. On the starboard side the volume rocker and the power button. On the bottom of the main speaker, port, Type-C and a 3.5 mm jack.


This is usually the most interesting part in the reviews of the Samsung devices. After all, most brand sets the AMOLED displays of its own production, which, although not the most honest part of the rendering of the image, but very sharp and bright.

Here is the matrix which many people have not heard, PLS. And Yes, it’s not a typo. This is another life of Koreans, which was designed to replace IPS. Characteristics have a diagonal of 6.3 inches and a resolution of at 2340×1080 pixels, a density of 409 ppi.

Visually it seems that the display is much «calmer» habitual users of the brand of AMOLED screens. Color close to natural, with very pleasing bright white and deep black color.

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент5

Distortion horizontally do not exist, then what angle do not see, the picture of its characteristics will not change, but vertically, at extreme angles, changing colors, from bright to dark. The glare from the backlight is completely absent, but a pure black image on maximum brightness, with a strong tilt of the smartphone turns into white.

Those who have had experience with IPS, no problems with the screen arise. You can mention a decent supply of brightness and minimal eye fatigue since the various colors not trying to dazzle.

Iron and performance

As hot heart was selected by OCTA core processor Exynos 7904, which is two cores with 1.8 GHz, and six with a frequency of 1.6 GHz. On the test machine with 32 GB of internal memory, so we only have a RAM of 3 GB.

In fact, the device is very smartly cope with everyday tasks. The novelty of the chipset affects the animation in built-in and downloadable applications. Sometimes she seems to be overly inhibited, thus any sharp hang absent.

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент6
Screenshot of Asphalt 9

In modern games the device safely aiming for the middle or low graphics settings. Otherwise, the missing frames will drop below 20 and play will become impossible. If to speak about any time-killers, then there does not have to worry. Light toys going without any brakes.

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент7

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент8

AnTuTu has awarded the device 107 450 parrots, GeekBench 1323 and 4142 points in single-core and multi-core tests. The result is very fair and says that I want a little more power to get stock in everyday tasks and a little more gaming opportunities.


Smartphone at the time of release is controlled by Android Oreo 8.1 with branded add-Samsung Experience 9.5. And briefly talk about the shell, it is pleasant.

Indeed, it is convenient to use, contains no advertising and has a uniform style among all integrated applications. External customization is achieved through separate applications Galaxy Themes, where you can find a Wallpaper, change the icons, lock screen, or use the fully-ready theme, many of which are paid.

Pleased with the opportunity to abandon the classic on-screen buttons in favor of virtual stripes, which occupy less space but perform the same functions: multitasking, home, back.

Separately, I note the advanced power saving mode, the launch of which takes approximately 7 seconds, but after that the smartphone is ready before the end of the day to live at least 10 percent. Of course, the power of the device will be limited, color gamut will be reduced. Although it is unclear why there is a dark theme, because PLS does not turn off the pixels like AMOLED.

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент9

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент10

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент11

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент12

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент13

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент14

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент15

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент16

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент17

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент18

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент19

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент20

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент21

By the way, because of the type of screen there are no activation Always On Display in notification bar, that only confirmed my hunch about the futility of using black Wallpaper for power saving.

The same panel remains bright, even when trying to save energy. But it is possible with a few taps to change the output settings icons: 3×3, 4×3, 5×3.


The basic module consists of two lenses. The first is the main eye on the 13 Megapixel with aperture f/1,9, helped by the wide-angle module 5 Megapixel with aperture f/2,2.

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент22
13 MP (standard image)
Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент23
5MP (wide angle shot)

If there is enough light, the automatic algorithm very quickly to cope with the situation, giving a contrasting picture. Details are not lost, the trick works very adequately. Only in the transition to starokonniy module is seen to drop not only resolution, but also the saturation of the image. Apparently, for processing wide angle shots are handled by a separate algorithm.

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент24
13 MP (standard image)
Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент25
5MP (wide angle shot)

Sudden changes in lighting, the camera is not scary. No matter that one corner can be as light and the other will be dark. Very surprising for a smartphone of this level. Low noise, parts not turn into a single mess, and to understate the exposure of the entire frame algorithm is also not trying.

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент26

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент27

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент28

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент29

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент30
Wide angle
Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент31
A conventional camera
Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент32
Wide angle
Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент33

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент34

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент35

If poor light conditions make the beautiful also happens, the main thing is to firmly hold smartphone in hand and not to knock the focus. Of course, if you try to shoot something in darkness, then the result will disappoint you. Although such a task and leader is not always cope.

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент36

About front camera, it is worth noting that it is here. Modest 8 megapixels with an aperture of f/2.0. Stars in the sky lens is not enough, but modes and enhanced picture has one too. You can programmatically make yourself wrinkles.


In the first hours of use I was ready to curse the engineers for a fully infused into the back cover, a fingerprint scanner. Due to the fact that it is touch, the sensor does not always understand when you put your finger. And due to the lack of a clear border and you’re not always sure put the finger exactly on the scanner.

Mutual confusion is gradually moving to use the power button, and then you make it clear to the smartphone that you want to unlock it and it becomes a little closer to your attempt to find oval dactyloscopy.

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент37

This is a modest detail smartphone actively tries to compensate for its capacious battery on 5000 mAh. In addition to spent eternity from charging, Samsung has implemented the technology of Fast Charging, the appropriate adapter is included, as well as headphones to today’s market, the rare.

If not load the device at the toys, then you can safely hang in a network about 6-7 hours per day. The device will make it to evening charging. If something went wrong, there is aggressive energy efficiency.

On Board also features NFC, which allocates the M20 among the many competitors. Even want to forgive him easily soiled case, which is covered with prints literally in the first 10 minutes of use.

The results

You can find fault with the design, fingerprint scanner and of the highest performance. But on the other scale is the good screen, decent camera, capacious battery with support for fast charging, NFC, and Type-C.

It is evident that the engineers closely followed the market and beat at exactly those places where the competitors gave up the slack. But all these efforts were limited by shade from A series that and got a slightly better design and more advanced filling.

So a crucial aspect of getting the amount for which the end user receives a quality device. The average cost for «Yandex.Market» is 11 900 rubles, which in my opinion sounds great.

Обзор Samsung Galaxy M20: сам себе конкурент38


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