Possible specifications of a modular Mac Pro

Возможные спецификации модульного Mac Pro

Photograph of the interior of the Apple document is uploaded on Imgur, shows the appearance and some characteristics of the next generation Mac Pro. Officially, it is known that the device will be modular: users will be able to change some components.

The image demonstrates the presence of a Mac Pro 7.1 Intel Xeon W Cascade Lake-X with security chip Apple and T2 «accelerator» Apple X2, and DDR5 RAM SO-DIMM. The latter is unlikely: the beginning of production of commercial devices with DDR5 RAM, it is planned in 2020, especially form factor SO-DIMM.

Возможные спецификации модульного Mac Pro1

Indicated the presence of three PCIe 4, although they barely fit in the housing dimensions of 17.78×29,33×29,33 see the Rest of the specs include 8 ports Thunderbolt 3″. 4″, 2 HDMI port, support Bluetooth 5.1 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet connector.

The modular Mac Pro release could take place in 2019 or 2020.



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