Pokras Lampas has released a t-shirt with a picture of the vandal, which was painted by mural artist

Покрас Лампас выпустил мерч с рисунком вандала, которым был разрисован мурал художника

Unknown painted a mural (graffiti on the wall) artists of Color Stripes and Andrew Berger in Moscow. The art object that is an image of a Bicycle wheel, there was «acid smile.»

Pokras Lampas wrote on his Twitter page that the picture is vandal had the idea for the calligrapher to create a t-shirt with that same symbol. According to the authors, anyone can vector download and print your merch on anything, and soon will be the official release of the clothes with acid print.

Moreover, if the vandal will claim this work, the artist is ready to transfer to him the funds from clothing sales.

We will gladly expelled him royalties from sales. However, before that, he will have to pay a hefty bill for the restoration of the facade — after all, you need to respect someone else’s work, isn’t it?

In addition, Pokras Lampas promised to create a new art project in the capital for the annual Moscow festival, which will be held may 19.


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