Westerosworld is a reimagined Game of Thrones in the style of Westworld

Westerosworld — переосмысление Game of Thrones в стиле Westworld

Belgian designer and Director, Gills Augustine has released a screensaver for series «Game of thrones» in the style of another popular show — «the wild West».

Minimalistic design borrowed from Westworld, but instead of humanoid robots — dragons, the Iron throne and King of the Night. The soundtrack became a cult track of Games of Thrones in the treatment of the composer Brandon Chapman.

The creation of the video titled Westerosworld Hills took eight months of work with the use of the software After Effects, C4D, Photoshop, Illustrator, Substance Painter, ZBrush, DAZ3D and Fusion360. In creating the 3D models the designer is helped and advised by several specialists.

Now comes the final season of «Game of thrones». The eighth part contains six episodes.


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