Google considers impossible the implementation of «long» in Android screenshots

Google считает невозможным внедрение «длинных» скриншотов в Android

Google has rejected two requests of users to implement in the next release of Android feature screenshots with scrolling. Requests were left in the Google Issue Tracker in the past and in the beginning of this year.

Both queries commented upon by the engineers at Google are marked as «not feasible», despite numerous comments with a request to consider the possibility of integrating functions.

Google считает невозможным внедрение «длинных» скриншотов в Android1

In the shells of many manufacturers function a «long» screenshots present several years. After you create a snapshot of the system screen allows you to scroll down to make another screenshot, and so on. Combines the image into one long.

Allows you to record information that does not fit in one screen of smartphone.

In Google Play there are third party solutions that allow you to implement a feature on almost any Android smartphone.


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