will start the column with a voice assistant «Marusya» in October запустит колонку с голосовым помощником «Маруся» в октябре Group plans to present its own smart column with a voice assistant «Marusya» in October of this year. The assistant will be in the services of the holding in the summer in late June-early July.

The source reports that the column will be different in design from the main competitor — «Yandex.The station». Initially considered the concept in the form of a crystal, but it abandoned because of the cost and impact glass for sound.

«Marusya» will appear in all products Group, including the portal Mail.Ru.

For the first time about the development assistant became known in November last year from the sources of «Vedomosti». At the end of March the prototype was shown to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev during his visit to the office Group. At the same time Vice-President Anna Artamonova said that on devices with «Marusia» will have access to the audio content and personal recommendations.


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