Review Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e — serialistic or assistant?

Обзор Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e — сериалостанция или помощник?

How often do you hear news about Android tablets? Probably, many already thought they don’t exist. But no, it turns out, the market is replenished with new offers. One of them is our today’s hero Galaxy Tab S5e. And Yes, S5 has not yet shown, if it is a stripped down model?

Specifications Samung Galaxy Tab S5e:

  • Dimensions: 245×160×5.5 mm, 400 g
  • The display is 10.5″, 2560×1600, Super AMOLED
  • CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 670
  • Memory: 4/6 GB of RAM, 64/128 GB, a slot for microSD
  • Camera: 13 MP, f/2.0 (triple main), 8 MP (front)
  • Battery: 7040 mAh (rapid charge)
  • OS: Android 9 Pie, One Ui
  • Connection: USB Type-C, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, LTE, Dual SIM


If you just take the device in hand, you can feel kind of a privilege. Slim aluminum case looks very solid, especially in the case of really large devices.

Обзор Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e — сериалостанция или помощник?1

On the front is a 10.5-inch Super AMOLED display, around which is exactly the same frame. By the way, the edges of the display have fillets, which are repeated lines of the body.

Very pleased that the manufacturer has ceased to stamp the logo on the front of the device so eye-catching elements it is possible to note only the front camera.

Обзор Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e — сериалостанция или помощник?2

At the back we find the single eye of the camera, without a flash, located just below the Samsung logo. In the top and bottom of the visible white inserts under the antenna. Images from the official site at the bottom of the tablet can find the icon AKG, a company that had a hand in the sound in the tablet. In our example of such labeling is not.

Обзор Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e — сериалостанция или помощник?3

But on the lower and upper faces are two dynamics. In addition, there is a connector Type-C, but never found a trace of 3.5 mm Jack-a.

Обзор Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e — сериалостанция или помощник?4

On the left side are the contacts and mountings for branded accessories. And on the right side of the hybrid slots for SIM and memory card, single volume rocker and a recessed power button with fingerprint scanner.

Обзор Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e — сериалостанция или помощник?5

About the Assembly nothing bad I can not say, twisting the tablet does not be. And protruding camera does not interfere with the device lie quietly on the table.


As in the case of any such electronics, that fundamental link. And then Samsung is in no hurry to change yourself. Before the user turns a large matrix of Super AMOLED with a diagonal of 10.5 inches with a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels. A density of pixels 287 ppi.

It turns out that if much close eye to the screen, you can see the pixel grid. If you, like all ordinary people consume content from a distance of about thirty centimeters, there are no problems with perception will not arise.

Обзор Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e — сериалостанция или помощник?6

AMOLED gives its owner a deep black color with sufficient contrast and bright picture. To do photo editing is better on IPS, but to marvel at the detail and colors possible such screen.

Viewing angles are good, the tone changes only when extreme possible angle, when all of the image seek to gather in one line. Stock brightness is enough even under direct sunlight.


All computing tasks fall on the shoulders Qualcomm Snapdragon 670, assisted by 4 GB of RAM. It’s not the most powerful chipset on the market, but remember about the note «e» in the name of the device, apparently, the cream of the collect Tab S5.

There is a version with 6 GB of RAM, which is not 64, and 128 GB built-in storage, but in our market received only a younger version.

In General, the device quickly cope with most tasks, but often a tablet is a workstation and 4GB is not always possible to keep 4-6 tabs in the browser without reloading, and if it to fill the text in the editor, there is a risk of insufficient RAM.


At the heart of «OS» is Android 9 Pie, the company which operates branded GUI One UI.

The interface looks nice. Large icons then together, then apart in distance, because regardless of vertical or horizontal mode, in-line will be exactly six. To someone it helps not to get lost in their own desktops, but some users will resent from the irrational use of space.

The right Desk reserved for the assistant Bixby and his clever clues. Not every user actually activates, but if anything, he is ready to tell future plans, having peeped them on the calendar, to give you a graph of your activity or help you manage the smart home.

Обзор Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e — сериалостанция или помощник?7

Обзор Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e — сериалостанция или помощник?8

Обзор Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e — сериалостанция или помощник?9

Обзор Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e — сериалостанция или помощник?10

Обзор Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e — сериалостанция или помощник?11

Обзор Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e — сериалостанция или помощник?12

Обзор Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e — сериалостанция или помощник?13

In the notification bar is a quick settings menu. Hence it is quite convenient to manage connections to wireless networks include cellular data, or «night mode» which replaces all the white backgrounds to black, which is great, saves battery.

But the main feature is Samsung DeX, allows you to turn the tablet into a kind of computer with the usual Windows and a work Desk. Pressing the activation mode, you doom yourself to a little reboot of the tablet, which takes just a few seconds, then the device is ready to use.

And to use tablet how to use external peripherals, and poking at the screen.

That upset is the lack of Always On Display. Despite it, in the settings just completely missing the point. But many will appreciate the ability to call from your tablet, Yes, there is SIM card and corresponding Phone app is also in place.


Single sensor of 13 MP c is a very standard angle of 80 degrees. Indicator aperture f/2.0. It would be strange to entrust him with any expectations, however I have to admit that the day to a tolerable frame.

It may seem that the photos are too harsh, but it gives good attention to detail. The dark areas do without unnecessary noise, and the glare is not much spoil the image contour.

Обзор Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e — сериалостанция или помощник?14

Обзор Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e — сериалостанция или помощник?15

Обзор Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e — сериалостанция или помощник?16

«Frontalka» here for 8 MP and suitable for video conferencing. I don’t think someone will try to get her a decent selfie.


In General, the device leaves a positive opinion. But for me it seemed a very strange decision with the power button. To start is to clarify that the scanner does not always work, and unlock lying on the table the tablet is too difficult. To do this, in most cases, you will have to PIN or to lift the device.

In terms of performance to complain about pointless. The device allows you to perform simple tasks and even play on medium graphics settings, but in General it is worth remembering about the PostScript «e».

Обзор Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e — сериалостанция или помощник?17

The tablet is perfect for consuming multimedia content. For example, to play a movie it ready in about 15 hours, and all thanks to a large battery 7040 mAh, by the way, with fast charging.

In General, the outlet will have to apply about every 2-3 days. Provided that you a couple of hours a day surfing online and prefer to watch YouTube and not be sticky toys.

What exactly like is the dynamics from AKG. Four of them and paired with Dolby Atmos surround they are pleased with the loud sound. The lack of a 3.5 Jack compensate the presence of the adapter in the kit, but if you leave the house, then positive emotions will last for the rest of the day.

Modest bonus

Part of the problem with adapters is solved by the collaboration of Samsung and AKG. Because buyers have prepared the action by which when you pre-order the tablet gave headphones AKG Y500.

Обзор Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e — сериалостанция или помощник?18

In short, it is a compact wireless solution with a great body and a decent margin of time. About 30 hours of listening on a single charge.

To me the sound seemed inclined to Bassam. Someone is going to miss high frequencies, and someone will enjoy tight sound. However, in a single mess, the soundtrack is not going to.

Note that these headphones overhead. They don’t envelop the ear and lie down on top of it. To many it is contraindicated for reasons of style, for me, this meant more pressure on the ears. Although, to be honest, I’m used to overlay solutions.

In the case of discharge it is possible to connect to the ears on the cable and use them in classic mode. The final factor will be foldable design, allowing to reduce the size of headphones to a minimum.


Galaxy Tab S5e was a quality device with a good build, proper ergonomics, but undeniably cool design.

Many users will miss the performance but not to mention high-quality screen. And if you aim at the consumption of multimedia content and light workloads, this tablet is ready to become your reliable friend.

In Russia sales of the tablet have already started: the official price is set at 34 990 rubles. The device is available on the website of Samsung and partners.


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