Pre-order OPPO Reno give headphones from Black Star

За предзаказ OPPO Reno дарят наушники от Black Star

The Russian representation of the OPPO announces the start of sales of smartphone Reno. Pre-order the device can be issued from 10 to 16 may in the online store of the brand, as well as in the Russian retail networks: M. Video, «KNOW-HOW», «Svyaznoy» and «Eldorado».

The official retail price of OPPO Reno — 39 990 rubles. Pre-order in store will receive a free wireless headphone Black Star Click N Play. In March it became clear that the device label Timati — copy of Chinese headphones, which are sold on AliExpress is three times cheaper in Russia requested value.

In «M. Video» or the «KNOW-HOW» for pre-order promise of wireless speaker systems or headphones, while in «Connected» or «Eldorado» — a quadcopter or a wireless headset.

Information about price and start of sales OPPO Reno 10X Zoom will appear later.

OPPO Reno — the first smartphone of the new sub-brand Chinese company is equipped with a retractable triangular selfie-camera on 16 Megapixel main photo module 48+5 MP, Snapdragon 710 and battery on 3765 mAh.


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