Elon Musk speaks in Russian again on Twitter

Илон Маск снова общается на русском в Twitter

On the night of 21 April, the head of SpaceX, Tesla and Boring Company Elon Musk answered some questions on Twitter in Russian.

It all started with the question of the user @d_svtrs about the goals of space exploration. He feared that Elon is going to bring the aliens to Earth to enslave humanity.

But the businessman has pretended that does not understand:

After @Wenger57793371 revealed the location of the alien race on Mars, Elon scored knowledge of idioms.

Immediately I recalled the words of the blogger PewDiePie You slav — you lose («You are a Slav, you lose»). Musk questioned this, also in Russian.

Learn Russian businessman had, in his own words, because of the multiple references to «How do you like that, Elon Musk» in the Russian segment of Twitter. This phrase became a meme.

This is not the first time Elon Musk switches to Russian: in February, he responded to the tweet NTV with a funny commercial with the phrase «haha awesome», and in March, thanked podistico for the congratulations from the Crew Dragon docking with the ISS.

Girl Ilona, pop singer Grimes, changed the profile description on Twitter for obscene phrase in Russian. In her work we see lots of references to the language, and she also sometimes responds to comments in Russian. According to Grimes, she has Ukrainian roots.


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