Date of presentation 7 OnePlus will be announced in April

Дата презентации OnePlus 7 будет объявлена в апреле

CEO of OnePlus Pete Lau said in his Twitter account on April 23, the company will announce the date of a certain presentation. It is expected that the event will show the upcoming OnePlus flagship series 7.

Previously insider Ishan Agarwal has called the date of the presentation of a series of new smartphones — may 14, 2019. According to his information, the event will be held with the slogan Go Beyond Speed («Go beyond speed»).

Presumably, the OnePlus line 7 will consist of three smartphones: 7 OnePlus, OnePlus and OnePlus 7 Pro 7 Pro with support for 5G networks. The older version will be display with a resolution QuadHD+, battery capacity of 4000 mAh technology to support quick charge Warp Charge 30 watts of power and triple the main camera.


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