The Marginalia review of the Hero: you will suffer!

Обзор Marginalia Hero: ты будешь страдать!

Mobile devices on iOS and Android offers «one-touch» runners with interesting mechanics who are divided about the lack of «hooks» that cause «hang» in the game longer. All progress is «slipping» to the more «numbers» than friends.

But what if you take an interesting and simple mechanics to add RPG elements and an unusual setting? And will the Marginalia Hero — is easy to learn and addictive game, which can sometimes significantly raise the temperature of one part of your body.

Suffering Middle Ages

To my shame I admit that I would not pay this game any attention if not for its graphical design and the appearance on the main App Store page.

Screenshots of the gameplay not aroused my interest, in contrast to the graphics performance in the form of marginalia — the pictures and recordings in the margins of medieval books. Currently, web users are willing to «break down» like the image memes.

Обзор Marginalia Hero: ты будешь страдать!1

Обзор Marginalia Hero: ты будешь страдать!2

Обзор Marginalia Hero: ты будешь страдать!3

Обзор Marginalia Hero: ты будешь страдать!4

Game developers from Kebab Games is clearly inspired by the comical component marginalia as Marginalia Hero abounds in comical images of unimaginable creatures.

The atmosphere of the middle ages supports a healthy music. Each composition in the Marginalia Hero excellent «plays on the atmosphere». In General, the setting of the full credit.

Do not forget that the middle ages there SUFFERING

In the App Store and Google Play, you can come across reviews where the game is criticized for «empty» and repetitive gameplay. Based on my experience, I can say that these people are either not passed on the 30th level, or abandoned altogether Marginalia Hero on the first ten.

In Marginalia Hero we have for the nameless main character to fight against hordes of different creatures. And at first glance the combat system seems to be as simple as possible.

Обзор Marginalia Hero: ты будешь страдать!5

Обзор Marginalia Hero: ты будешь страдать!6

Обзор Marginalia Hero: ты будешь страдать!7

Обзор Marginalia Hero: ты будешь страдать!8

Обзор Marginalia Hero: ты будешь страдать!9

Gameplay takes place in the upper half of the display, where is the ring, which moves the sword. It is arise of the target. When the sword turns over the target, the user must touch the display to break.

In the case of a successful hit from hostile creatures will drop health displayed as a number in the middle of the ring. When this number drops to zero, the main character several times banging on the bizarre snake, and then she’ll be off our face.

And while villains have 20 lives of Misha standing still, and the sword itself slowly down the contour of the circle, it really seems that the battles aren’t that interesting.

But as you progress through the game you realize that the sword can dramatically change its direction as the target. Last still able to disappear, to rush from side to side, to appear in groups, at the last moment to «jump» from under the sword, to combine all the previously listed together and who knows what else. Marginalia Hero regularly throws up the unexpected, to surprise the player.

As an additional difficulty the enemies periodically increased reserve lives. When he crosses the mark of 60 units, it becomes unfunny. And then come to the aid of the RPG elements.

Freshening the middle ages

Обзор Marginalia Hero: ты будешь страдать!10

Обзор Marginalia Hero: ты будешь страдать!11

Обзор Marginalia Hero: ты будешь страдать!12

Обзор Marginalia Hero: ты будешь страдать!13

In the case of accurate hits on targets, performance achievements and defeating bosses, the player receives coins, which are necessary to spend for new equipment. It includes weapons, armor, Pets, and «one-off» items that grant a certain bonus to a fight.

A new weapon increases the damage dealt by enemies in one hit on the target, and the armor can withstand a few hits from the opponent if it misses the targets.

If on fingers: weapons will help win the battle, and the armor will allow several times to miss. However, the bosses damage is always enough to «carry» a player with first strike, so that with the right to a mistake is simply no.

Weapons, armor and Pets to open up for the fulfillment of certain conditions. This can be a problem in passing a certain level or completing one of the 50 achievements. For example, the scythe or the sickle — don’t remember exactly — open for achieving «99% organic», which requires you to beat one enemy with a club, and an active «one-off» subject to «Clover».

Обзор Marginalia Hero: ты будешь страдать!14

Обзор Marginalia Hero: ты будешь страдать!15

Even after fulfilling the requirements, you will not know what the object is hidden behind a certain amount of coins until you buy it. Here’s the element of surprise.

Sometimes weapons or armor are lucky, the purchased item contains additional passive skills. For example, a shield with a damage to the enemy when you block his attacks. There is even a special achievement to finish off monsters in a similar way.

As for the «one-off» bonuses, called «Mascots». Remember, this is your best friend in fighting bosses. Don’t waste them just like that.

Bonuses may reduce the pace of the game, to increase the target, to improve their visibility, increase your damage and armor HUD to remove the time limit on the attack. Like coins, some of them can be obtained as rewards for completing achievements and winning bosses. Moreover, the same metal plate to increase the armor on one fight you can not buy for any money. Even for real.

Endless ages

Sometimes there are moments when encountered boss does not win. In this case, you can return to previous levels until the first. However, the game puts a certain threshold, below which there will be credited achievements.

A return to previous levels — a great opportunity, but did not like that there are keys to jump to the last level. If you «went back» too far, will have a long «to do» to the actual point in the campaign under the title «the Great journey». Story in it, except for the introductory sketches.

Обзор Marginalia Hero: ты будешь страдать!16

Обзор Marginalia Hero: ты будешь страдать!17

Обзор Marginalia Hero: ты будешь страдать!18

Not without an endless mode called «the Royal tournament». We are fighting against a dummy. Every blow, on the contrary, increases a counter, and therefore, more powerful weapons will be easier to «fill» a larger number of points.

I was the campaign by 34%. And at the moment, «Scarecrow» tournament makes me seven points of damage with each miss, which is enough to send my hero to the infirmary. I guess if you don’t «wear» metal plates, at any stage of the campaign in this mode, the character will «fall» from the first time. The bonuses here are also.

Donation to the middle ages?

Marginalia Hero is distributed free of charge for iOS and Android. The game has only one currency — the coins that cannot be purchased with real money.

For the real currency in the amount of 149 rubles, you can remove from the game. In addition, real money open the access kits with charms and some in-game items.

Some discomfort during the passage of the campaign without attachments I felt. In contrast to TES: Blades, there are no conventions, pulling out the player money on crystals.

Excellent middle ages

Marginalia Hero definitely came to my taste. There is a great atmosphere and great game mechanics, great «seasoned» RPG elements, which are the «hook», forcing to play.

The stimulus for the improvement of the character to meet a more «thick» creatures for me works much better getting your numbers, surpassing your friends ‘ results. Although without this it was not.

Some may not like the fact that items are hidden until purchase, and therefore can not be «purchased» specifically for the implementation of achievements. Certain other mechanics like invisible target, will seem too complicated. I appreciated the challenge of Marginalia Hero player. Since the game is free, take it and you.


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