M. Video is launching an SMS promotion with discounts of up to 10 000 rubles

«М.Видео» запускает SMS-акцию со скидками до 10 000 рублей

«M. Video» announced the launch of the campaign «the Benefit of SMS to 10 000 rubles», in which users can obtain promotional code for a discount. The validity of the proposal until April 23.

Sending an SMS with the message MVIDEO KOSMOS to number 2420, the user in random order will receive a unique promotional code. With one number you can only send one SMS per day, one message will cost 2 rubles.

The promotion code discount:

  • For 2000 rubles — validity checks from 9990 rubles
  • 3000 rubles — validity checks of 29 990 rubles
  • 5000 rubles — validity of cheques from 49 990 rubles
  • 7000 rubles — validity of cheques from 45 990 rubles
  • A 10 000 — validity of cheques from 49 990 rubles

Apply code until April 25. When shopping online you need to enter at checkout, offline — to show the cashier. Discount does not apply to network equipment, goods brands iRobot, Apple, Bosch, Jura, Dyson, Miele, Smeg, WMF, Thomas, NTV+, drives and some other items.

Full terms are also available on the website.


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