In the new teaser for «Lucifer» tells what happened in the first three seasons

В новом тизере «Люцифер» рассказывает что было в первых трёх сезонах

April 12 appeared first teaser and stills for the fourth season of «Lucifer». Now the company continues to drum up interest for the premiere of the new teaser.

This week in the official account of the project at Twitter posted a three-minute video where lead actor Tom Alice summarized the events of the first three seasons, and was introduced to the main characters. The video is relevant to those who have not yet started to watch the show or who have forgotten all the events.

The third season ended in March 2018, after which the Fox show’s done. This caused a wave of indignation online and campaign support #SaveLucifer. Eventually the rights to the series was acquired by Netflix.

All episodes of the fourth season will appear on Netflix on may 8. Before waiting for a full trailer.


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