The new trailer for «fast & furious Hobbs and Show» again at stake a world

Новый трейлер «Форсаж: Хоббс и Шоу»: снова на кону целый мир

Universal Pictures has released the second trailer of the spin-off of «fast & Furious» called «Hobbes and the Show.» Action talks about the latest salvation of the world by the hands of special agent Luke Hobbs and switched to the «bright side» of the offender Deckard Shaw.

In a new video appears to Show nurse and part-time service agent MI6 — Hetty, whose role will be performed by Vanessa Kirby. In the hands of the villain Brixton — biological weapon that can destroy the planet. Therefore, the team will need all the strength and assistants.

Starring — Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson and Idris Elba. Rental will start in Russia on 1 August 2019, the remaining countries on July 31.


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