Using the Google Camera will automatically take a photo while kissing

«Google Камера» автоматически сделает снимок во время поцелуя

The Photobooth mode in «Google Camera» version 6.2 have learned to determine automatically the kiss in the frame and take a picture. This is possible thanks to machine learning algorithms and dual front camera Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL.

Photobooth is designed to help make the perfect shot: the camera takes pictures at the moment of smiles, of laughter, of «dachas», inflated cheeks or the best frame, even if the user makes a group selfie. Now the mode automatically recognizes and kiss.

«Google Камера» автоматически сделает снимок во время поцелуя1

This is not the only innovation in «Google Camera» 6.2 — previously the application has encountered a dark theme and new animations. Updates distributed through Google Play.


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