Updates apps of the week. 7-13 April

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 апреля

This week released update Nova Launcher with a dark theme for Google Feed, the new version of Google Play found hidden a new design in style Material Theme, and even Facebook will finally return to the dialogs in the main application Facebook.

And now to the news and not only.

ActionDash 2.1 for Android

Huge app update, which copies the idea of Digital Wellbeing from Google and extends to all devices, not just your favorites.

In the second version appeared Autolock apps by fingerprint, a new chart which shows the number of unlocks the smartphone by the hour, the detailed configuration of programs that should be included and excluded from the statistics.

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 апреля1

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 апреля2

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 апреля3

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 апреля4

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 апреля5

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 апреля6

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 апреля7

ActionDash still got the option of displaying the time in 24-hour format, new icon, and bug fixes and optimizations.

Developers are proud to compare themselves with Digital Wellbeing, showing a special plate that their application is capable of much more.

Download: Google Play / APK

Twttr for iOS

Experimental Twitter app that exists only in the version for Apple smartphones, now features a real black theme (the owners of the new iPhone will appreciate) and a gesture swipe to likes tweet.

Twttr is not much different from the usual Twitter, but in it the service will run all the new items. The first version of the experiment, released in March, has received a new interface replies (answers on a tweet).

Mere mortals to install the app: to access the Twttr need to register for the beta test. But since Twitter is testing these functions, they soon may appear in the main application. Snapchat for Android

Application of social network for Millennials rewritten from scratch, as they say. The main purpose was considered to force the service to run equally fast on the leaders, and Junior models of smartphones. Major changes in design if this does not happen.

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 апреля8

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 апреля9

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 апреля10

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 апреля11

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 апреля12

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 апреля13

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 апреля14

Snapchat for Android has long been criticized for lagging in speed from the iOS version, a large number of errors and poor processing algorithms photo.

Download: Google Play / APK

VLC 3.1.2 for iOS and Android

Mobile apps popular media player innovations. Let’s start with Android. Then there was the shortcuts — you can run the list of playlists or the last of them right from your desktop. Back support for Android Auto and implemented to work with devices connected via USB OTG. The bad news is the Android 2.x can no longer start VLC.

IOS innovations are less ambitious: fixing a bug where no pictures when playing videos through Chromecast and fix network Protocol SMB2.

And, of course, both versions of VLC have received bug fixes and stability improvements. Another of the common marked redesigned playback controls.

Download: Google Play / APK / App Store

Next Track 1.18 for Android

The application from the developer flar2 allows you to switch tracks with volume buttons even when you turn off the display of the smartphone without having to gain root access. Previously this was possible only in the presence of Root or the built-in IOS functionality.

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 апреля15

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 апреля16

Апдейты приложений недели. 7-13 апреля17

You only need to give rights to the app through the terminal. This will require you to connect your device to a PC installed with ADB and enter one command, and then reboot the device.

There is minimal setup long, double and single clicking. Application tested on smartphones with Android 8 Oreo Pie 9 and Q Beta.

Download: Google Play / APK


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