Rozetked Weekly: the mobile-shifter from Samsung and a real «battle Royale»

Rozetked Weekly: смартфон-перевёртыш от Samsung и настоящая «Королевская битва»

Today we will talk about an unusual smartphone from Samsung, the real «Royal rumble» with a large prize pool and the first ever picture of a black hole implementation issues eSIM in Russia and much more.

The first in the history of the black hole

Rozetked Weekly: смартфон-перевёртыш от Samsung и настоящая «Королевская битва»1

Network of observatories Event Horizon Telescope («Telescope event horizon») for the first time in history managed to photograph a black hole.

Imprinted on the image of the object from the center of the galaxy M 87 was deleted in 53.5 million light years from Earth, and its mass is in the 6-7 billion times the mass of the Sun.

The law of sovereign Internet is a step closer to realization

Rozetked Weekly: смартфон-перевёртыш от Samsung и настоящая «Королевская битва»2

The state Duma adopted in the second reading the bill on creation of infrastructure, allowing the resources of the Runet to work even when disconnected from the global network.

If approved in the third reading and receive the President’s signature the bill will come into force on 1 November 2019.

A real «battle Royale»

Rozetked Weekly: смартфон-перевёртыш от Samsung и настоящая «Королевская битва»3

An anonymous millionaire came to the Agency in Hush Hush, conducting VIP events, with the aim to organize a real «Royal battle,» in which 100 volunteers will fight for the chance to win £ 100,000 (~8 464 000).

The prize Fund will go to the last party, which will remain «alive». However, all weapons will be out of airsoft, so the losers just go home with nothing.

It turns out that in Windows 10, you can get the drives without «safe removal»

Rozetked Weekly: смартфон-перевёртыш от Samsung и настоящая «Королевская битва»4

According to the recently published documentation starting with the updates to Windows 10 October 2018 Update index 1809, Microsoft has assigned by default the «Quick removal» for all external drives.

However, you can still manually activate a mode «productivity».

The eSIM implementation in Russia had difficulties

Rozetked Weekly: смартфон-перевёртыш от Samsung и настоящая «Королевская битва»5

If you believe the anonymous sources of RBC, the Federal security service and the «big three» operators in the face of «Beeline», «MTS» and «MegaFon» were opposed to the introduction of technology eSIM in Russia.

ESIM technology allows to refuse from physical SIM cards, and hence, visiting the salon of cellular communication with the subsequent conclusion of the contract if you change SIM card or operator.

The mobile-shifter from Samsung

Rozetked Weekly: смартфон-перевёртыш от Samsung и настоящая «Королевская битва»6

During the presentation of new devices in the line of Galaxy A, Samsung showed a smartphone with a rotating main camera module, which is also used to create a selfie.

PTZ camera located in a removable module with electric drive and equipped with three sensors: 48 MP (f/2.0), 8 MP (f/2,2) and ToF-sensor.

Major presentation Acer

Rozetked Weekly: смартфон-перевёртыш от Samsung и настоящая «Королевская битва»7

In new York city, Acer held a major presentation of new devices, among which are:

  • New laptops in the Aspire product line
  • Gaming laptops, PC and monitor in the line Predator
  • Laptops, PCs, monitors, and helmet augmented reality ConceptD for content creators
  • Two grombala of the premium price segment
  • Ultrabook for the corporate segment TravelMate P6

The start of sales in Russia

This week, Chinese brand Hisense has launched the sale in Russia of six Android smartphones, the cost of which range from 5 to 490 31 990 rubles.

The beginning of sales in Russia distinguished Global HMD with a smartphone Nokia 9 PureView, equipped with five main camera with optics ZEISS. In the configuration 6/128 GB device is estimated at 49 990 rubles.

You might have missed

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Raffle Huawei P30 Pro and two action cameras AC Robin

In addition, we get better acquainted with the most advanced «camera phone» in the market — Huawei P30 Pro. And in addition made a drawing of the smartphone, detailed conditions of which you will find in the description to the video.

Rozetked Weekly: смартфон-перевёртыш от Samsung и настоящая «Королевская битва»8

Also in our group in social network «Vkontakte» we’re holding a prize draw of two action cameras AC Robin. With drawing you can see here.


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