Skype introduced a feature showing the screen for mobile devices

Skype представил функцию показа экрана для мобильных устройств

In the preview version of Skype has a Screen Sharing. With its help, users are able to share the contents of the display of your device during calls. The developers said in his blog.

To activate it, just select the screen display menu during the call and the application that will be broadcast. This can be useful if you want to show a colleague a PowerPoint presentation together or to use the services for shopping, explains a company representative.

Skype представил функцию показа экрана для мобильных устройств1

At the moment, the feature only works for members Skype Insider, where you can register on a special website. For other Android and iOS users, it will appear in the spring of 2019.

Recently in Skype appeared mobile group calls with up to 50 people, and a blur effect for those who do not want to distract interlocutors from what is happening.

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