Obtained the first ever image of black hole

Получено первое в истории изображение чёрной дыры

The network of observatories of the Event Horizon Telescope («Telescope event horizon») for the first time in history were able to photograph the event horizon of a black hole. The image shown at the press conference.

Imprinted on the image shadow of a black hole, that is, the ring of radiation and matter at the edge of the event horizon, is located in the centre of the galaxy M 87 (Messier 87). The object is removed by 53.5 million light-years from Earth and weighs 6-7 billion times greater than the Sun.

We took the first photograph of a black hole. This outstanding scientific feat accomplished by a team of more than 200 researchers, is the Director of the Event Horizon Telescope, shepherd, S. Doulman

To create a snapshot it took 8 observatories located in Hawaii, United States, Spain, Mexico, Chile and the South pole, which are measured coming from black hole radiation. The final image is obtained by processing on a supercomputer.

Black holes — a region of attraction which is so great that it can’t leave the facilities, even moving at the speed of light, including light itself. To the naked eye to see. Also not validated their reality, but scientists have a lot of circumstantial evidence.


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