Opera introduced the first desktop browser to support Web 3 and crypto — Reborn 3

Opera releases a new version of the proprietary browser, code-naming Reborn 3. The main changes concerned the design of the supporting Web 3 and the introduction of crypto.

In the new version of the Opera browser appeared frameless design with no dividing lines between sections. You can choose from two themes — dark and light.

New feature — Web 3 is a blockchain-based Internet of the future. Now Opera users can enter Web addresses 3 applications directly in your browser.

The technology of the blockchain returns control back to the people. They can securely sign transactions and to identify themselves on websites without having to provide redundant data

Web 3 allows without fear for their data to use the built-in crypto, which is already available in the browser for Android and will soon appear in Opera Touch for iOS. Also, the smartphone with the Opera browser will need every time you need to identify themselves to Web 3 site or to sign the transaction on the blockchain.

Also, the developers have paid attention to the built-in VPN service, promising an even greater privacy and security online.

Especially for announcements of new opportunities, the company has released a short sci-Fi film Escape is about a future world where it’s hard to control your digital life.

The latest version of Opera browser is available here.


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