Concept 11 and 11R with USB-C and reverse wireless charging

Концепт iPhone 11 и 11R с USB-C и реверсивной беспроводной зарядкой

Concertmaster Gunho Lee has released a new video with the presentation of a fictional iPhone 11 or more budget 11R. The video highlights the features that might appear in the next generation of Apple’s smartphone.

Faces beveled devices like the iPad or iPhone, Pro SE, and the Lightning port is replaced by USB-Triple-C. the camera module in the iPhone 11 is placed vertically, rather than squared, as reported in previous leaks.

Under the screen is updated Touch ID cutout in the display Face ID is maintained. iOS 13 get the Split View mode and a redesigned built-in apps.

Wireless charging is stored, it also adds a function PowerDrop allows you to charge other devices from the iPhone. The same opportunity is available in the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Aksesuar called AirBattery is attachable by magnets external battery.

This is not the first concept iPhone 11 iOS and 13. In January Bloomberg reported that major changes in the design of the smartphone will take place in 2020, Apple will concentrate on functional features.


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