In the Android Q will add a full analog 3D Touch

В Android Q добавят полноценный аналог 3D Touch

Google is working on the implementation of the detection of the pressing force Deep Press in Android Q. It is analogous to the 3D Touch existing iPhone in 2015, and allows you to access the internal menu by Thapa with the effort.

The company has already attempted to do a version of 3D Touch with a release of Android Oreo. Unlike the iPhone, the gadgets on Android recognize not force, and duration. Analogue did not seek popularity, as has been rather slow.

В Android Q добавят полноценный аналог 3D Touch1

The documentation says that the Deep Press is designed to replace the function of long pressing, which is now tied including the shortcuts in Pixel Launcher.

It is unknown whether there will be a function only on new smartphones with support for Deep Press, or will be also available for the older models with the update to Android Q without implementation of the physical module. To determine the effect of depression is possible and the area of contact of the finger with the screen.


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