Putin and his secret plan — the new cover of Time magazine

Путин и его тайный план — новая обложка журнала Time

American Time magazine once again dedicated a cover to the President of Russia. On it Vladimir Putin rests his hands on the globe, where scattered white pointers with red stars.

Color design selected bright red, in the style of the flag of the USSR. The inscription on the cover reads:

New secret plan of Russia. Vladimir Putin wants to spread its influence not only on elections.

The publication was obviously trying to hint at the accusations towards Moscow’s intervention in the elections of the United States of America. Last week, the U.S. justice Department officially announced that there is no evidence this information was not found.

Путин и его тайный план — новая обложка журнала Time1

In column to cover claims that Russia creates «a global network of tyrants,» with its regime. This is due to interference in the internal Affairs of Syria, Sudan and Venezuela. No other issues, in particular, the U.S. interference in the politics of other countries, the article does not rise.

Moreover, in a situation with samoprovzglashenny President Juan Guido in Venezuela, the journalist also accuses Russia, believing that Moscow had unequivocally recognized «head of state», supported by the United States.


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