OPPO is developing a smartphone with a sliding display

OPPO разрабатывает смартфон с выдвижным дисплеем

The Chinese company OPPO in the end of January this year, has filed a patent with the world intellectual property organization (WIPO) on the design of a smartphone with a pop-up display. Dutch portal Let sGoDigital presented the first renders of the device based on the documents of the patent.

Why the need for an auxiliary screen, is unknown. Earlier, OPPO has released a smartphone with a pop-up modules for selfie camera. According to the source, the second display is attached to the main body by a telescopic mechanism.

Presumably, it serves to control settings: for example, when watching a film the second display may provide controls media. Front camera in the device is housed in a narrow top frame.

Also, the manufacturer filed a patent for design of smartphone with slide out side panel, which can be useful in the role of controller for games, or keyboard.

OPPO разрабатывает смартфон с выдвижным дисплеем1

OPPO разрабатывает смартфон с выдвижным дисплеем2

Recall that Reno, a sub-brand OPPO, will show on April 24 in Zurich, its first smartphone with an unusual pull-out module. New also receive a model with a 10x optical zoom.

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