RBC began to publish the hidden news «clickbaiting» headers

РБК начал публиковать скрытые новости с «кликбейтными» заголовками

On the official website of the newspaper RBK there was a section «Made for aggregators». It is published as «climbatize» news, designed for the collection of traffic in the popular aggregators such as «Yandex.News, and Yandex.Zen».

This news is hidden from the main page, but you can find them by going to any other material, or by tags. Moreover, if you open any note to aggregators, the conventional headlines of news in the section «Interesting» have a green stroke.

РБК начал публиковать скрытые новости с «кликбейтными» заголовками1

The first article in this section appeared at the end of February and expect to date, about 300 materials, according to The Bell. The topics are not linked to business and socio-political theme, for example, «Sobchak told about the reasons of parting with Vitorgan».

Co-Director of the joint editorial of RBC Igor Reeds called this section of the experiment, which affects the popularity of the publication in the aggregators.

This can be considered as an element of content personalization on the basis familiar to readers of the environment of consumption. The content which is important for weight RBC from aggregators, and which is well consumed by their audience, tagged «Made for aggregators».

Experts believe that the media is now experiencing transformations that may affect all the media, even on business. Publications decide that it suits them and the right to publish under its own brand.

The Bell


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