Apple AirPods first generation for 8600 rubles!

Apple AirPods первого поколения за 8600 рублей!

After the release of AirPods 2, the cost of the first generation rapidly began to fall. First, the marketplace Bringly dropped the plan to 9990 rubles, and now on AliExpress you can buy a headset at a more affordable price.

Now Chinese store on AliExpress offers AirPods for 9300 rubles, but using the promo code LUCKY9 you can get an additional discount of 670 rubles. Total — 8582 rubles for headphones Apple AirPods. Promo code valid until March 31 inclusive.

Apple AirPods первого поколения за 8600 рублей!1

The average cost of the first generation AirPods on «Yandex.Market» is 12 000 rubles. The official cost of the AirPods 2 case with wireless charging — 16 990 rubles. A separate case with wireless charging will cost 6 590 rubles.

To add support for wireless charging in cases of the first generation can be more budget, using the case Baseus for 800 rubles.


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