Apple refused to release wireless charging AirPower

Apple отказалась от выпуска беспроводной зарядки AirPower

The American company Apple has abandoned plans for the production of wireless charging AirPower. This was reported by Dan Riccio, senior Vice President of Apple’s hardware.

It turned out that the manufacturer ran into difficulties with adherence to their own standards. However, the company continues to believe that the future of wireless communications.

Putting a lot of effort to develop AirPower, we eventually decided to close this project as not meeting our high standards. We apologize to those customers who have waited for its launch.

Originally AirPower was introduced in 2017, but due to problems with the production never went on sale. Many publications reported that the wireless charging station is still out, but now the project is finally closed.

The device was supposed to help users to charge up to three devices simultaneously, including Apple Watch, AirPods 2 in a special case and latest iPhone models. Earlier it was rumored that the price of AirPower can be expected in the area of $ 199.



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