The cellular market in Russia is oversaturated

Рынок сотовой связи в России перенасыщен

The analytical company AC&M-Consulting presented a report with data on the cellular communication market in Russia in 2018. It turned out that the segment is saturated, which has shown some negative effects.

Sales of SIM cards reached the minimum values for the year and was less than 100 million units. Decreased churn rate in comparison with the 2017 year and amounted to 39%, which is still one and a half times higher than the European average. Mobile penetration the average in Russia amounted to 179%, and in Moscow and it reached 249% (active SIM cards more than the residents in 2.49 times).

Рынок сотовой связи в России перенасыщен1

Рынок сотовой связи в России перенасыщен2

Рынок сотовой связи в России перенасыщен3

Falls and a total number of subscribers: over the last year has been reduced by 700 000 and $ 255,7 million Decrease affected all operators, except «T2 RTK holding» (Tele2), their subscriber base grew by 2.45 million



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