File Explorer in Windows 10 can get a Fluent Design this year

«Проводник» в Windows 10 может получить Fluent Design в этом году

According to the report of the resource HTNovo, Microsoft is able to Refine the design of Windows Explorer in Windows 10 with the release of a massive upgrade 20H1, which will be released in the spring of 2020. Program participants pre-testing will have access to the update at the end of this year.

The last major update, a file Manager, occurred with the release of Windows Vista in 2007. Since then has been produced only cosmetic changes.

«Проводник» в Windows 10 может получить Fluent Design в этом году1
The Concept Of Michael West

Microsoft continues to expand the design idea of the Fluent Design on system components and built-in apps. How will the «Conductor» in the new version, unknown, but there are concepts from the authors.

Coming in April the Windows 10 upgrade April 2019. Major changes — new light theme, support standard Emoji 12, the continued implementation of the Fluent Design and the separation of the search system and assistant Cortana.



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