Updates apps of the week. March 17-23

Апдейты приложений недели. 17-23 марта

During the last seven days Adguard extension was updated to version 3.0, disclosed the date of the «death» of email client, Google Inbox (April 2!) and launched closed beta testing of analog from an external developer — Spark. But that’s not all.

AdGuard for Android 3.0

Restart the service that sends user traffic through its servers, simultaneously cutting out the ads and tracking the trackers.

Апдейты приложений недели. 17-23 марта1

Апдейты приложений недели. 17-23 марта2

Апдейты приложений недели. 17-23 марта3

Апдейты приложений недели. 17-23 марта4

Апдейты приложений недели. 17-23 марта5

Апдейты приложений недели. 17-23 марта6

Appeared Stealth Mode, which contains all the tools of privacy protection with their detailed configuration, completely changed the design to be more comfortable with graphs and built-in dark theme, refreshed the filter mechanism CoreLibs.

Further improved the functionality of the DNS proxy server and also added new filters.

Download: APKMirror

Samsung Internet for Android 9.2

Brand Samsung browser is based on Chromium now matches shell One UI: elements displaced for convenient control with one hand, and the buttons and menu items got rounded corners.

Апдейты приложений недели. 17-23 марта7

Апдейты приложений недели. 17-23 марта8

An important innovation — a dark theme which is applied in the visited sites. It is possible that it can «break» the interface of some resources. A new Smart Anti-Tracking protect privacy: a machine learning algorithms to determine the sites that try to track users and block their access to the cookie.

Download: Google Play / APKMirror

Mint Xiaomi Launcher 1.1.3 for Android

The Chinese manufacturer continues to spread the system apps of MIUI.

Апдейты приложений недели. 17-23 марта9

Now the owners of compatible smartphones (not only Xiaomi) can try out brand launcher. In addition to the standard features, the app has an intelligent categorization of applications by type, advanced search, support for sets of icons and a built-in option to clear the cache.

Download: Google Play / APKMirror

Opera 51 for Android

The main innovation of the free and unlimited VPN service. Opera says that does not keep logs of users, and all traffic is encrypted 256-bit algorithm. This is the location of the server, but there is no compulsory registration.

Апдейты приложений недели. 17-23 марта10

Апдейты приложений недели. 17-23 марта11

Апдейты приложений недели. 17-23 марта12

Апдейты приложений недели. 17-23 марта13

Another of the new — enhancements to the built-in crypto Crypto Wallet and reduce loading time of browsers when you first start. Completed support for Android 4.1-4.3 Jelly Bean: Opera offers owners of such devices to switch to Opera Mini.

Download: Google Play / APKMirror

Send Firefox 1.0 for Android

Service for secure file transfer over the network acquired the app for Android. Unregistered users can send documents up to 1 GB, but after creating your account, the limit is increased to 2.5 GB.

Апдейты приложений недели. 17-23 марта14

Апдейты приложений недели. 17-23 марта15

Апдейты приложений недели. 17-23 марта16

Апдейты приложений недели. 17-23 марта17

Апдейты приложений недели. 17-23 марта18

Before downloading the file, you can configure the deletion time servers and set the password. After your treatment you will see a link that you can share with the recipient.

As for the iOS version, Mozilla representatives said that at first want to «break in» service on a competing platform. Google Play, the app is marked as «early access».

Download: Google Play / APKMirror

Firefox for iOS

Dilutes the list of Android apps prettier browser in a special edition for the iPad.

The tabs list looks like a list of running applications, large previews in the grid, which are closed with a single gesture. There is quick access to a private mode, native support for split display, as well as the possibility of setting the default browser in Microsoft Outlook.

Those who use iPad with keyboard, like support for keyboard shortcuts, and the owners of Firefox account Sync — syncing of tabs between devices.

Download: App Store


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