The original «Evangelion» will be released on Netflix in June

Cult classic anime «Evangelion» will appear on the streaming service Netflix this summer. The platform is called the exact release date of the series and has released a new trailer.

Film directed by Hideaki Anno, produced by Studio Gainax from 1995 to 1996 is considered one of the most popular in the genre of fur. This is the first appearance of the series among streaming platforms for the Western audience (in Russia on TV it was broadcast on the channel «2×2») — for a long time, the creators had problems with copyright that does not allow to publish it in other countries.

In addition, Netflix will also release two movies: «Evangelion: Death and rebirth», which is a compilation of the series with a small addition of new scenes, and «End of Evangelion» — alternative ending of the original series.

«Evangelion» will appear on Netflix on June 21. We will remind that next year will see the film «Evangelion 3.0+1.0: Final» is the final part of the tetralogy of Rebuild of Evangelion.


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